The Magic Detective Podcast Ep 16 - Harry Cooke Civil War Magician

March 24, 2019

On this episode I discuss the life of Professor Harry Cooke, who was a Civil War era magician and had some interesting ties to Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln's death. I also talk about some of the recent deaths in magic of Marshall Brodien, Steve Duscheck, and Johnny Thompson. And, of course, today is Houdini's Birthday, Happy Birthday Harry! So in honor of Houdini I talk a bit about a pet peeve of mine, 'people who say Houdini was a bad magician'. I try and make a case to show in fact he was NOT a bad magician. The music is provided by

Three Pioneers of Mind Reading Ep 15

February 26, 2019

This episode deals with the three pioneers of Mind Reading from the 19th Century, John Randall Brown, Stuart Cumberland, and Washington Irving Bishop. Stay tuned till the end of the podcast because I have included the FIRST Magic Detective Podcast CONTEST! It's pretty easy. If you don't know the answer, it is contained on one of the podcasts or you can find it in my blog fairly easily as well. Send your answers to [email protected] and remember the 5th person with the right answer wins. If no one wins by the time the NEXT podcast comes out, I'll stop the contest and start a brand new one next week. And if someone wins, I'll still have a new one next week!

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Magic Detective Podcast Ep 14 - Robert Heller

February 13, 2019

UPDATE: There were a couple editing glitches I had to go back and fix. I think it all is working smoothly now. My apologies...(first time for everything)

Houdini thought he was great, and he never met the man. Houdini was 4 when Heller died. Robert Heller could have been one of the great piano virtuosos but he chose magic instead. In fact, he sorta chose both. And this is his story. I think Heller is more popular among music historians than magic historians, but I am hoping to change that. This episode is dedicated to my magic pal Joe Pecore who recently passed away. Music is used with permission of  And don't forget to check my blog, for any additional notes which I may add to this podcast. 


Ep 13 Tribute and Recollections of Doug Henning

February 6, 2019

Feb 7th, 2019 is the 19th Anniversary of the passing of magic icon Doug Henning. In this episode, I share some of my own recollections of Doug's specials and memories of having seen him perform live. I only get as far as Special #4, as the podcast would have been 5 hours long had I covered everything. At some later date I will do a biographical profile of Henning for the podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode and remember fondly on the days when Doug Henning's magic was popular! The podcast music is used with permission by

The Magic Detective Podcast Ep 12 Wyman The Wizard

January 31, 2019

On this episode I explore the life of another forgotten magician from the 19th Century. His name is John Wyman Jr. and James Madison was president of the US when Wyman was born! His life is fascinating and I know you'll enjoy it. OH, and then at the end of the podcast a special 'audio feature' from the life of Wyman. Podcast Music provided by  Special thanks to Richard Wiseman and Cameron Watt for the special feature in today's podcast!

The Magic Detective Podcast Ep 11 The Great Maro

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! It's 2019 and I've got the first podcast of the year ready on the first day of the year. But don't get used to it, lol. The feature of this episode is a lesser known magician who should have been one of the greats along with Kellar, Thurston, Dante and others. But he died at only 38 years old. This is direct from my lecture on Maro that I presented in his home town of LeLand Michigan, and at the Yankee Gathering in 2016. Music provided by Look for notes on the episode at 

Magic Detective Podcast Episode 10 - Harry Kellar Part 3

December 27, 2018

Harry Kellar comes back for the final Episode in this three part series. This time we explore his days in retirement. Many people fade away from public life when they retire. Kellar, though he was not appearing on stages, was still quite busy and quite social. You'll hear more about this so-called Mantle of Magic and what Thurston did with it. And you'll learn about Kellar's friendship with Harry Houdini. This is the last episode for 2018, but we'll be back in 2019 with MORE great stories from the world of magic. Music: Please remember to LIKE-SHARE & Subscribe to the Podcast!!! Thanks!!!!!!! You'll find notes on this episode on my blog,  

Magic Detective Podcast Ep 9, Harry Kellar Part 2

December 24, 2018

This is part 2 of the Amazing Life of Harry Kellar. We left off with the tragic shipwreck that should have ended Harry's career. But miraculously he was able to rebuild and eventually become the top illusionist in America. On this episode I share how Harry 'obtained' much of his magic. I also describe some of the effects he used to make himself popular. The episode ends with him handing over the Mantle of Magic to Howard Thurston. So on the next Episode I'll discuss Kellar in Retirement. Music:

Episode 8 The Amazing Harry Kellar

November 19, 2018

Episode 8 features stories from the life of Harry Kellar. This is a two part episode (possibly even three parter), so I get as far as his split up with William Fay. You'll hear about his shipwreck, and how he introduced the Vanishing Birdcage to America. There are a few details on here about upcoming podcasts as well. Music:

Episode 7 Houdini & Congress 1926

November 5, 2018

This episode is all about Houdini's time testifying before Congress. Much of this information comes from The Congressional Record. Houdini was testifying on behalf of an Anti-Fortune Telling Bill, but was using it as a guise to go after Spirit Mediums. Was he successful? Listen and find out. By the way, though this deals with Congress, this is NOT a political podcast. Music provided by 

Magic Detective Podcast Ep 6- The Last Days of Houdini & Beyond

October 29, 2018

Episode 6 The Last Days of Houdini & Beyond. This is NOT a continuation of Episode 5. I will cover the bulk of Houdini's life on other podcasts in the future. This particular podcast covers his last month and then some of the Seances following his death. Music:  Please check out my blog at And please LIKE-SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my Podcast!

Magic Detective Podcast Ep 5 -Starter Guide To Houdini

October 26, 2018

Episode 5 is all about Houdini.....well Houdini from birth until he marries Bess. I tried to put some tidbits of info in there that might not be common knowledge. For example, do you know where Houdini got his Subtrunk from? Did you know there was a claim that Ehrich was the second Ehrich? I finish up with a strange bit of history concerning Houdini's birth. Music provided by

Magic Detective Podcast Ep 4 - Servais LeRoy

October 15, 2018

This podcast is basically about the famed Belgian Illusionist, Servais LeRoy. I began examining one of the famous posters belonging to LeRoy Talma and Bosco. Then I move onto a very heart breaking story in his life. And still, there is more. Music provided my Please check the companion story at my blog,


Magic Detective Podcast Episode 3

October 12, 2018

On this Episode, I'll talk about escape artist Steve Baker, I'll share some insights into the failed M-D Youtube Show ad whether I plan to bring it back. During the Houdini Radio Segment, I discuss Houdini and Queen Victoria's Dress, and finally, I share a few of my escapades in trying to search for the graves of dead magicians. Music:

Magic Detective Podcast Episode 2

October 10, 2018

On Episode 2, (which I'm uploading a few days early), you'll hear a new segment called HOUDINI RADIO, I'll talk about 6 Degrees of Separation-Magic Style, and I'll even share the story of how Uri Geller fixed my doorbell. Music provided by

Magic Detective Podcast Episode 1

October 4, 2018

This is an introductory podcast. I share some things you can expect to hear in the regular episodes. The feature is a short story about Houdini's October 1900 trip to Germany. I present The Magic History Minute and much more. Music provided by