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Ep 39 Charles Morritt The Mystery Man

Ep 39 Charles Morritt The Mystery Man

December 17, 2019

Charles Morritt was a very prolific inventor of magic illusions. He created some very stunning effects in the late 1800s right into the early 20th Century. He is also credited as the man who helped Houdini make an elephant vanish! 

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I mention several other people in this podcast, so if you'd like to check out more information on them here is a list:

Buatier DeKolta Ep31
Harry Kellar Ep 8,9,10
Robert Heller Ep 14

And I mention Jim Steinmeyer many times during the podcast as I credit him with keeping the Morritt name alive. You can find more about Jim and his books at

 To see Paul Daniel's recreation of the OH! Illusion


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