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Magic Detective Podcast Ep 14 - Robert Heller

Magic Detective Podcast Ep 14 - Robert Heller

February 13, 2019

UPDATE: There were a couple editing glitches I had to go back and fix. I think it all is working smoothly now. My apologies...(first time for everything)

Houdini thought he was great, and he never met the man. Houdini was 4 when Heller died. Robert Heller could have been one of the great piano virtuosos but he chose magic instead. In fact, he sorta chose both. And this is his story. I think Heller is more popular among music historians than magic historians, but I am hoping to change that. This episode is dedicated to my magic pal Joe Pecore who recently passed away. Music is used with permission of  And don't forget to check my blog, for any additional notes which I may add to this podcast. 


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