The Magic Detective Podcast

Ep 18s Frederick Bancroft

April 18, 2019

This is a SHORT episode, running approx 14 minutes. The topic is Frederick Bancroft an unusual magician from the late 19th Century. He had amazing posters that were breathtaking, but was his show up to the image he was projecting? Listen to the podcast to find out more! The Magic Det. Contest from last week has been extended. The Question is: 

Name an illusionist, a contemporary of Houdini, who left a successful stage career to become a gold miner.   And though that sounds like a typical magician’s tall tale, he wound up testifying before Congress about the gold mining industry. Who Was This Illusionist? Send your answers to [email protected] and put Contest3 in the subject heading.

Music for this episode by Please check out my blog, for more info on this episode.

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